Adventures Of A Caveman

The badly dressed, unshaven caveman that you see getting into scrapes in the images below,  this is me!”.  I think its apparent that I don’t conform to the ‘norm’ in life!  I can’t help myself, I like an adventure! A boat crashing through rapids is so much more fun than sailing on a tranquil and somewhat calm sea.

The ‘Adventures of The Caveman’ are normally inspired by one of a whole heap of real life scrapes I have at some point managed to get into.  An image starts life by me looking for a quote that loosely represents one of these scrapes. Once I have found a suitable and relevant quote, I then begin work on illustrating it.

The process of creating an image starts by me doodling and playing around with ideas on any bits of scrap paper I can find lying around the house. (some of which might find their way into the dog!) which helps with the process greatly.  Once an idea for an image has developed,  I then bring together all of the ideas, illustrating them using a piece of  software called, Lightwave 3D.

This is nearly always the process of which an image in the series, ‘Adventures of the Caveman’ is created, however as was the case with “ideas are good, but not forever”, the image was actually created first, and I then went hunting for a quote which I thought was relevant.

I have created some mugs with the images below printed onto them, these are currently only to purchase at ‘Encaustic Art Plus‘ Shop which is based at Elsecar Heritage Center.


One Nut